Water Ox — Chinese Horoscope (2023)

Water Ox Years: 1913, 1973, 2033

Active Element: Water & Earth

Associated Sun Sign: Capricorn ♑

Ox Elements:Wood Ox,Fire Ox,Earth Ox,Metal Ox,Water Ox.

This Ox is very secretive. Nobody trusts their business plans, so that they do not interfere with their implementation. He is able to predict the course of events, to prevent breakdowns and troubles. If we consider that these qualities are supplemented by exceptional honesty and ability to clearly express their thoughts, sociability, it is clear that these Oxen do not have a price in politics and public activity. As a rule, people born in the year of the Water Ox, love wives, adore children.

This man is more a realist than an idealist. Attentive, practical and unreasonably ambitious, the Water Ox demonstrates a subtle mind and strict principles. He uses things according to purpose and calculates each step. He always knows what to do and how to organize his activities.

This Ox is more reasonable and flexible compared to other types of Oxen. He is ready to accept the recommendations, but rarely agrees to change anything or to apply uncomfortable methods of work or types of recreation. But he will not be indignant if he is advised to change tactics a little, especially if he believes that this will lead him to achieve his goal. He is concerned about his social status and safety, he in most cases observes the law and order in everything, for which he undertakes.

He will make his contribution to the common cause, working well with everyone. He can easily manage his life, unless, of course, he is not too weak or does not require too much from life and other people. He can concentrate on several goals at once and can break all the arguments against with his usual calmness, attention and indestructible steadfastness.

Water Ox Chinese Zodiac

In the northern sky, the cold was born, and when he descended to Earth as a snowfall, Water was born. Deep Waters of winter nights, endowed with serene tranquility, inspire respect and fear. Quiet Water is home to water spirits. But there is still dirty Water in the marshes where many reptiles live, this Water is associated with the symbol of absolute stagnation. The Water Ox is nourished by clear and transparent water, it makes you seek beauty, harmony and peace. It can be a protective wall, a mask of self-control and tranquility. These Oxen are reserved, keep their distance and are very mysterious. People born under the element of water often have rounded figures, inclined to fullness, thin delicate skin and passionate lips. They have shiny hair and full hands.

Water Oxen have a sharp and sharp mind. Their movements are only forward. They will always listen and support, they will make wonderful interlocutors. They are always balanced, so they can easily manage the masses, overcoming intrigues and all obstacles. These Oxen are afraid of unpleasant gossip, because of what they are ambitious and very cautious. These Oxen have many talents, they are skilled in manual labor and are well traded. Water Oxen very often head different movements for the rights and peace.

Water Oxen are wonderful organizers, their work is always very methodical. Although they are secretive, but, unlike other types of Oxen sign, they are able to share their plans with colleagues. Very often Water Oxen can exceed their moral limits, because they are drawn to work related to public orientation. They are good psychiatrists and psychologists, they know how to get along well with people. Water Oxen are persuasive and benevolent, they always achieve their goal.

They love children, and family well-being is very important for them. They want to build a house on the edge of a flowering meadow and have a big family. But if they do not like to dig in the mud and grow cereals, then they need to quit all this and better create their own new party.

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Water Oxen feel great in the cold season, and their happiest season is winter. Vulnerable organs of the Oxen are the bladder and kidneys. They really like salty food, but do not get too involved. They need to pay great attention to the ration of their food and the softness of the water. For them, it is better to use a balance of substances from the group of legumes, and from meat products it is better to give preference to pork.

Their happiest color is blue.

Water Ox Man

This is the most far-sighted man of all, born under the sign of the Ox. Carefully avoids conflicts, does not swear and does not find out the relationship. Why sharpness and haste in judgments? After all, it is not known how things can end. He is able to make friends, always be benevolent and polite. He tries not to voice his thoughts or share them with really close people. Water Ox man is pleasant in all respects, he is easy to work with, his colleagues just adore him. This is the most just and kind boss you can imagine. It will help in a difficult moment, the Water Ox is an excellent organizer, he knows how to get the job done.

Calm, unflappable Water Ox is actually quite an ambitious man, is building far-reaching plans for his family life. He needs an effective woman, he should be proud of his lover. In this case, will not tolerate whims and claims. Perhaps, it will not become too obvious to express its discontent, but will try to stop the relationship. Marry only with an intelligent, serious woman, but at the same time sweet and charming. You can not doubt that the Water Ox man — a good family man, will do everything possible for the happiness of his wife. This is a loving husband and father, his house is a full cup. Taking care of loved ones gives him pleasure, for the sake of them he is ready for any sacrifice.

Water Ox Woman

Almost all people consider them to be soft, feminine, completely focused on their family. True, the closest know their true nature: Water Oxen are not without ambition at all, they like to feel their own importance. Will be happy to take the place of the head, and will perfectly cope with their duties. Hard-working women are ready to work selflessly for an excellent result. Mind, insight, responsiveness are qualities that enable them to win recognition and respect from colleagues. To solve any problems come with extreme diligence and diligence, which allows them to be considered excellent specialists.

Water Ox woman devoted to her man, it is impossible to suspect her of treason. Needs a strong shoulder, most of all he dreams about family. This self-confident, independent woman adheres to traditional values, she is not attracted to a career at all. Despite a good position and high wages, the family puts the first place. She loves her children so much that she constantly takes care of them. She spares neither time nor money for raising her offspring, she is ready to sacrifice her own interests for the sake of their happy future. In relation to her husband, she shows herself as a loving, caring wife. With pleasure, she brings cleanliness in the house, prepares dinners, supports all hobbies of the spouse.

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